Q: Are pool covers required when you have your own swimming pool in your residence?

A: In most countries, there is a law that requires pool owners to install a pool cover for safety and health concerns. It is advisable and will always be a good idea to put one.

Q: Is it safe to use chemicals to maintain a pool?

A: Chlorine is added to the pool water to get rid of the dirt and make it clear. Even if it is not prohibited, it is better to use a little or not at all because too much of this chemical solution can be bad to health as well. You will know if it has too much chemical when it feels itchy when you stay on the water even for a few minutes only.

Q: What kind of services do you offer?

A: We offer automatic pool cover installation and also pool cleaning and maintenance.

Q: How often do I need to clean my pool?

A: If you are using a cover, there is no need to clean the pool all the time. The purpose of pool cover is to keep the water free from dirt,, leaves and any other scrap. Cleaning can be done at least every other week if the water is not being replaced regularly.

Q: Can I use a standard winter pool cover instead of the automatic system?

A: If you do not have enough budget for the automatic type, a standard winter pool cover is okay just to preserve the clean water. Although, it cannot guarantee safety for accidents that may happen like drowning. For those who has kids at home, the PVC or polycarbonate material of automatic pool covers is recommended to ensure security and hazard-free pool area.