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Automatic Pool Covers


Having a swimming pool at home is really satisfying but when we talk about the maintenance it is something that most pool owners worry about. In Australia, there are many types of pool cover are being offered not only in the market but they also have modern and high technology products to maintain clean waters.

One of the most popular and appreciated pool cover is the roll type. It is a pool cover made of durable materials such as PVC and polycarbonate. Since it has an automatic system, it covers the whole pool with the hard plastic material by turning on the switch.


This is in-demand because of its stylish feature that everyone loves. It guarantees safety as well.  It is hard to find a solution that can be both elegant and secured like an automatic pool cover. It is also a practical choice since it protects the pool water from all kinds of dirt like leaves and scrap, you do not need to change the water that often.

Using a lot of chemicals to keep the pool clean is not advisable especially if you have kids swimming on it. So, instead of maintaining it with a chemical solution, use a pool cover to avoid unwanted dirt. Some people use covers because they also prevent water evaporation. Yes, it can save a lot of money when you avert losing water through drying up.

Whether you have an existing pool or you are still planning to construct a new one, automatic pool cover is always available. You do not have worry about the exact fit because all suppliers will measure your pool to get the correct size and shape. Even the most unique cuts can be customized. For convenience, they can provide remote control upon client’s request with a minimal additional fee.

Maintaning Swimming Pools in the Tropics

In most tropical countries, home owners prefer having their own swimming pools at home to beat the heat most especially during the summer season. The only disadvantage of having a pool is when rainy or wet season comes.

The only solution that every pool owner should try is having an automatic pool installed to prevent dirt accumulation when no one is using the pool during the cooler months. One of the main reasons why swimming pools in tropical countries must be covered throughout the rainy days is because of the scary deadly illnesses caused by mosquitoes such Dengue Fever, Zika Virus and Japanese Encephalitis.

Contrary to the popular belief that mosquitoes like laying eggs on murky water, these insects prefer clean and unattended water wherein they will not be disturbed so, pools are one of their favorite spots. In order to prevent this from happening, chemical solutions such as chlorine are added to the water as well.

When maintaining a pool, cleaning the visible dirt floating on the surface is not enough. Sometimes hiring a pool services offered by a maintenance company is advisable since they have all the equipment needed to filter leaves and rubbish.

Some countries and states has a strict policy that you have to comply with. If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you must place safety devices and barriers. Even if it is your residence, you must be responsible by following these rules and regulations not only to maintain a clean pool for good health but also to avoid circumstances and accidents such as drowning.

Having your own pool at home is not an easy task because it is a continuous responsibility to maintain it and keep it safe from all harm and possible danger that can happen.

How to maintain a pool during winter

There are many ways to maintain a pool, you can do it manually by cleaning and filtering all the floating dirt on the water, use chemicals to keep the water clean, hire a maintenance person to preserve it regularly or either use or install pool covers.

Obviously, most owners maintain their swimming pools to get rid of the dirt and debris falling on it but in some countries, they have to keep it clean especially during winter when nobody is using the pool unless you want to freeze.

But which maintaining method should be used on winter? Of course, the pool covers. During the cold months, bacteria and other micro-organisms may grow and spread fast on cold stagnant water and that could be really dangerous.

Another thing, when it is winter then the pool is unattended and uncovered, there is a big risk for kids to fall on the pool when playing nearby and not supervised by any adult and will result to drowning. Pool covers are used to for protection and safety, not only from ailments caused by organisms on cold old water but also from drowning accidents that may occur.

Although some pool owners believe that it is better to drain and remove the water on their swimming pools when not used for a long time, still, it will not guarantee safety when left uncovered. Pool covers especially the automatic ones made of hard plastics also serve as safety cover even if the pool has no water.

Additional safety devices can installed at the pool area aside from the covers. You can put fence /gate and alarm system to detect if someone is on the pool to prevent fatal drowning that happens even in their own houses.